Architecture of Famous Concert Venues

December 7, 2016
looking up at the disney concert hall

Los Angeles is known for their large number of music venues throughout the city. While the variety makes it so there is always a show going on at some point, not all venues are the same. If you want to see venues with impressive and unique architecture, come and check out these famous venues. Best of all, they are all located near Dunes Inn Sunset Hotel!

The Hollywood Palladium was built in in the streamline moderne, art deco style. The venue also consists of 11,200 square feet of dance floor as well as a mezzanine and a ground floor level. The venue, which consistently hosts rock and pop artists was opened in October of 1940. The Palladium was designed by local architect, Gordon B. Kaufmann. When it first opened and through the 1950s, the venue was the main home for big band and swing dance music. Through the 70s to the 90s, it became a favorite location for rock and roll bands.

The Greek Theater is an outdoor theater that is modeled after a Greek temple. The Architect of the venue was Samuel Tilden Norton and the venue opened in September of 1930. A canyon location was chosen for the site of the venue due to the natural acoustics of the area. The idea for the venue was first proposed by Griffith J. Griffith, the landowner who donated the land that the venue is located on. The Greek Theatre has a capacity of 5,870 and is one of the few outdoor venues in the city.

The Disney concert hall, which is the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, has a striking and impressive architecture. The venue was designed by Frank Gehry and it is known as one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the entire world. The exterior of the venue consists of curved, stainless steel. The venue opened in October of 2003 and has a capacity of 2,265.

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