Echo Park Rising in Los Angeles

August 17, 2016
3 lady band performing on stage

With all the music venues that Los Angeles has to offer, it's no surprise that the city is known for their music scene. On any particular night, there is always a show going on, not to mention the city’s knack for hosting musical festivals throughout the summer. One such festival is Echo Park Rising. The thing that sets this 4-day festival apart from others you might have experienced is that this festival is completely FREE. That’s right. For five days, this festival is open to all ages and is completely FREE. Stop by the various venues that will be hosting bands during the festival and see as many live shows as you like. 

At Echo Park Rising, there are many different bands that will be playing throughout the festival. Echo Park Rising is known for showcasing local bands as well as a variety of genres such as punk, garage, psych-rock, big band and more. Come check out bands such as Chicano Batman, La Luz, and The Weirdos. Other bands that will be playing this year at Echo Park Rising include Bleached, The Pocket Rockets, Froth, Egyptian Lover, The Molochs, Ablebody, L.A. Drones!, Air Life, Anna Seregina, Autumn in June, Betty Petty, The Bomb, Cheap Tissue and many, many more.

On Friday and Saturday, the Main Stage will be located off of Liberty Street. The music starts at 3pm and runs until 10pm. On Thursday and Sunday, there will not be a main stage but performances at participating venues will run from 12pm-10pm. Some venues will run later. Echo Park Rising is open to all ages though certain venues may be 21+ if alcohol is being served. For more information on bands and events that will take place during the festival, visit

Make sure you check out this one of a kind festival during your stay at the Dunes Inn Sunset!

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