Lost Spirits Distillery Tour

March 30, 2018
lost spirits distillery tour

From secret speakeasies to classic diners like the dreams cafe and bar Los Angeles, this city offers everything that you could be looking for. If you particularly find yourself visiting the bar and brewery scene of Los Angeles, you’ll probably want to do yourself a favor and reserve a spot on the Lost Spirits Distillery tour. You won’t regret it.

What puts the Lost Spirits Distillery in a separate class amongst other distilleries in the area is their pursuit of perfection. The distillery aims for the impossible, bringing the best rum and spirits possible to the people of L.A. For nearly a decade, this distillery has been winning impressive awards. Most recently in 2018 they won the Global Master Award as well as the Best in Class award at the 2017 International Rum Renaissance festival. Starting from the very basics, their rum is made only using grade A molasses, yeast and water. The distillery also prides itself on bottling in limited runs, by hand and in small quantities. If you want to learn more about this exquisite distillery, you’ll certainly want to make a reservation to their whimsical tour and get a behind the scenes look at this innovative distillery.

The tour is full of mystery and intrigue. For example, to even get to the distillery, you need to go on a boat ride through a rainforest. As you explore the rest of the distillery, each room has a different feel and homage to a movie or novel. It’s not all show however, you’ll also learn the intriguing science behind the art of making spirits. Tours are not open to the public and you must make a reservation in advance online at their official website. Tours are two hours are open to up to eight guests at a time. Guests must be 21 and over and reservations start at $30 per person.

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