7 Things NOT to Do on Vacation

November 30, 2018
things to avoid on vacation

Los Angeles has plenty of things to enjoy for travelers such as happy hour sunset blvd. Read on for a guide of things to avoid on vacation so you can enjoy your time traveling!

1. Don’t waste time to save money.

It’s certainly not bad to be frugal, but sometimes it’s not worth it in the end. It might seem convenient to cover distances on foot for example in order to try and save money, but you’ll be losing time, time you could have spent visiting a different attraction. With all the walking, you might also be too tired to even enjoy the activity.

2. Don’t stay only on the beaten track

While the beaten track can be good sometimes, it’s okay to explore areas that are not where all the tourists go. Do your research and determine the places that you want to go to. What interests you? What places and activities will best suit your needs on the trip?

3. Don’t becomes a paparazzi

During your travels, you might think it’s cool to take pictures of the locals, but you also want to be respectful. If you want to take a picture of someone, be sure to get their permission first. If not, stick to taking pictures of the local buildings and other natural areas.

4. Don’t miss out on what you want to see

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in a new city. However, be sure to personalize your itinerary so you make time for everything that you want.

5. Don’t bring work with you

Traveling is a time to enjoy yourself and explore new places and cultures. The last thing you want is to be distracted by work. Try to stay present to the moment and turn off the capacity to get work emails on your phone so you can simply enjoy your vacation.

6. Don’t leave your vacation early

You might make the mistake of over packing your travel itinerary so that you’re completely exhausted a few days in. Instead, pace yourself and listen to your body. Do you need to sleep in one night? Feel like you should go for the easy as opposed to the expert hike? Just because you’re on vacation, you still have limits. Listen to yourself and don’t wear yourself out before the trip has even ended.

7. Don’t forget a souvenir

You’re going to want to remember all the fun and memories you made during your vacation. The best way to do this is to get yourself a souvenir! In the businesses of travel, make sure you don’t forget this small, yet important part of every trip.


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