The COPA America 2016

June 15, 2016
copa america at night

The COPA America tournament is a men’s international soccer tournament that has been over 100 years in the making. Since the early 1900s countries have duked it out to claim the title of international soccer champion. This year, 16 countries will be competing including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama and Argentina among others.

Earlier this month, Pasadena was honored with hosting three tournament games at the Rose Bowl Stadium. The first matchup took place on June 4th, with Brazil against Ecuador. Each team did a stellar job at offense and defense with the final score ending at zero to zero. On June 7th, Colombia and Paraguay took to the stadium at the Rose Bowl with Columbia coming out on top at two to one. Finally, on June 9th, Mexico and Jamaica vied against each other in an epic game for a spot in the quarter finals. The final score was Mexico 2, Jamaica 0. On June 16th, the first game of the quarter finals will take place with the U.S. going against Ecuador. This game will air at 6:30pm. On June 17th, Peru and Colombia will compete for a spot in the semi-finals. This game will take place at 5pm. On June 18th, Venezuela has secured a spot in the quarter-finals but it is still to be determined who they will be playing against. This game will air at 4pm. Finally, Mexico has also secured a spot in the quarter-finals but the team they will play against is still to be determined. This game will air at 7pm.

After these exciting games, the semi-finals will occur. These games will take place on Tuesday, June 21st and Wednesday, June 22nd. The match for 3rd place will take place on Saturday, June 25th at 5pm. And the game that everyone has been waiting for - the final, will take place on Sunday, June 26th at 5pm. This year, follow this exciting Copa America schedule  to see who will be the next Copa America champion! If you can't be there live, watch it from the comfort of your room at the Dunes Inn Sunset.

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