Haunted Locations in L.A. Worth Visiting

September 21, 2018
haunted places in la

Since Hollywood is often known for its glitz and glam, you probably don’t think of it as a place that is full of hauntings and mysteries. As halloween approaches, consider going on a mystery trip of the city or check out some of these haunted places in L.A.

  1. AHS Murder House

Originally known as the Rosenheim mansion, the house grew in popularity when it starred in the hit show, American Horror Story: Murder House. Built in 1902, while the house has no reports of murders, there have been reports of those who are sensitive to the psychic world to experience feeling suffocated and more.

  1. Colorado Street Bridge

Build in 1902, this bridge is also known as “suicide bridge” as over 100 people jumped off the 150 foot bridge when they lost their money during the Great Depression. Today, there have been reports of several spirits that haunt the bridge.

  1. Hollywood Forever

The Hollywood Forever cemetery is known for being the location of where famous stars are buried. It’s also known for being the location where many ghosts reside. At certain graves, you can sometimes even hear the sound of sobbing or experience an icy coldness.

  1. Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is perhaps one of the most well known haunted location in the area. Once a ship for the navy, the Queen Mary no offers a Ghosts & Legends tour where you can learn all about the most haunted areas on board the ship.

  1. The Silent Movie Theatre

This theatre, located on Fairfax Avenue is said to be haunted by one of the original owners. Patrons are said to sometimes see his ghost in the lobby and workers report hearing the sound of keys jingling when they’re alone in the building - the owner was known to jingle his keys as a nervous habit.


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