The Best Places For Hot Chocolate in Los Angeles

December 21, 2018
where can I get hot chocolate in los angeles

From the grove farmers market la to central market in downtown, LA has fantastic eating destinations. Now that winter is upon us, you’re probably thinking where can I get hot chocolate in los angeles? The good news is that there are plenty of local spots serving up some of the best hot chocolate around.


You’ve surely had hot chocolate, but have you ever had lavender hot chocolate? The great minds at Demitasse offer there now legendary chocolate lavender blend. A cocoa powder is mixed with Tahitian vanilla and of course a splash of lavender is added and the whole thing is topped with a fluffed and perfectly crisped clow-torched marshmallow. The baristas here even have their own signature drinks too!

Churros Caliente

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon snack or trying to fill your late night sweet tooth craving, Churros Calientes on Santa Monica Blvd could be just the thing you’re looking for. Order a perfectly golden brown churro to pair with your cup of creamy hot chocolate. They use only the best organic cacao beans for their hot chocolate so feel free to dip your churros in your made to order hot chocolate.

Cacao Mexicatessen

This authentic Mexican restaurant is located in Eagle Rock and in addition to being known for fantastic food, they’re also gaining a reputation in serving up delicious Mexican hot chocolate. Drawing from the original roots of Mayans and Aztecs when they mixed ground cacao seeds with spices to create a chocolate drink, this family restaurant now adds a modern flair to this traditional drink.


If you hadn’t guessed by the name, the team behind ChocoVivo find that chocolate is their life. Made from stone ground cacao beans in Mexico, you’ll find only real dark chocolate here, no milk powder or additional cacao butter. For hot chocolate, choose between a sipping chocolate, think European style, thick, dense and creamy or choose hot chocolate, the traditional Mexican or American style. You’ll even get to chose the chocolate! Enjoy custom hot chocolate drinks, mochas, sweet and salty chocolate beverages and so much more!

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