Try These New Food Items at the Dodgers Stadium

July 6, 2017
new food at dodger stadium

During baseball season, the Dodger Stadium is one of the most visited areas of Los Angeles. Dunes Inn Sunset is conveniently located to the stadium, and with summer in full swing, now is the time to head over and catch a game. If you need another reason to visit, the stadium is proud to announce all new food options this summer! In addition to the classic Dodger dog, check out some of the all new Dodger Stadium food you can now enjoy.

 One of the new food items to keep an eye out for is the all new Poke Bowl. Poke bowls have recently grown in popularity and now you can catch onto the trend the next time you cheer on the Dodgers. The Poke bowl is a traditional Hawaiian dish that includes some combination of rice, ahi tuna, and veggies such as cucumber, shredded carrots and more. You can also enjoy other bowl dishes at the stadium such as the Teriyaki Chicken bowl or the Vietnamese rice noodle bowl. These new bowl options can be found at 245, located on the field level on the 3rd base side.

 Another new exciting menu item is the Chick-N-Tots. Essentially, this new dish includes delicious tater tots topped with marinated chicken tender pieces. If that’s not enough, you can also order these as “loaded tots” or “chili cheese tots”. The Loaded Tots is topped with oil, fresh garlic and parmesan cheese while the Chili Cheese Tots is topped with delicious house made chili and cheese. You’ll find these new dishes at Lots of Tots, located at stands 208 and 422. If you’re still hungry after all of this, then you’ll want to head over to stand 246 where you’ll find the new Trolley Dodger Treats. At this location, satisfy your sweet tooth with items such as deep fried Oreos or deep fried twinkies. You’ll also be able to purchase churros and homemade funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar and your choice of sauce. These are just some of the new food items you can enjoy at the Dodgers Stadium. This summer, be sure to catch a game and cheer on the boys in blue.

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